Our Expertise and Services

With nearly 15 years Marine Surveying experience combined with the knowledge and expertise gained in the construction and repair in a range of craft we can undertake various surveys and inspections. 
Hunter Marine Surveying Limited specialise in hull and machinery surveys and inspections, cause and accident investigations, damage surveys, representation during repairs, attendance for owners or Underwriters during salvage and recovery operations.
Risk Inspections

Our experience and understanding of the construction and operation of vessels enables us to identify and report on potential risks and hazards aboard.


These are services available and of interest to owners and Underwriters.  Poor risk management can result in lost time, production and potentially the loss of the vessel itself.


These inspections allow owners and Underwriters to consider these risks and mitigate potential losses.

Repair & Refit Co-ordination

We are familiar with various repair facilities and contractors to undertake casualty repairs or owner required refits.


Our involvement with assignments throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific has allowed us to establish an extensive network of capable and skilled contractors.


The ability to understand the constructional detail, installation of mechanical, electrical and electronics systems allows us to set scopes of work and put in place systems to manage efficiencies and costs throughout a project.

Damage Inspections
Causation & Failure Investigations

We have investigated hundreds of accidents, incidents and failures of a maritime nature.


These include structural and mechanical failures, collisions, fires, errors in navigation, groundings and potential liability matters.


Where specific and additional expertise is required we can co-ordinate the involvement of suitable experts in many fields be it legal, metallurgical investigations, engineering and failure analyst.

Having been involved in the construction and repair of numerous vessels in New Zealand and the United Kingdom this enables us to identify and report on the extent of damage that a vessel may have suffered in an incident or casualty.


This allows the preparation of detailed records of damage and scopes of repairs that can be used to seek bids for repairs from appropriate contractors.


Please us contact us to discuss how we can assist in this area.

We have attended at the request of owners and Underwriters to casualties where vessels have grounded or sunk and require salvage or recovery.


With experience around the coast of New Zealand and into the South Pacific we are familiar with the resources and availability of contractors that enables us to provide a prompt and informed response to these high demand situations.

We can prepare and deliver papers for presentation to conferences and seminars for both technical and training purposes.


The experience gained over 25 years in the marine industry allow us to draw on a variety of learnings and experiences to provide interesting and topical discussion.


While not a primary focus of our business it is a service we enjoy and have provided for key clients and interest groups in the past.

Technical Support & Training
Salvage & Recovery